All saints church Vijayawada, is of Krishna Godavari diocese, Church of South India (CSI) and is located within Bishop Azariah School compound. Our church, was at first a chapel, which was later been consecrated as a church, in the year 1995 by the Rt. Rev. TBD Prakash Rao, who was the then Bishop of CSI, Krishna Godavari diocese. On the day when the church was consecrated there was an enormous gathering who would become the future members of this church. Our church is devoted to be a Christ centred church, as, we tend to follow the Anglican  customs, traditions and order of service, that’s set by our synod, Church of South India (CSI).

The Krishna Godavari diocese, that covers all the areas of Andhra Pradesh state, has its diocese headquarters at Machilipatnam. The Krishna Godavari diocese is among the most important diocese in state extending from Ongole District in the southern part, all through Srikakulam District that is within the northern part of Andhra Pradesh. Rt. Rev. George Cornelius is the Bishop of Krishna Godavari diocese.

Our church has three extended ministries, the sunday school ministry, the youth fellowship and the women’s fellowship.


To teach our children, youth, women and rest of our parish, the Great Commission which our Lord has taught us, as we prepare all of them for spiritual fruits for a lifetime of Christian holiness.


  • To reach out and locate a larger possible number of people for who are un-churched for Jesus Christ and for our Church.
  • To motivate and pursue in bring people who are un-churched to worship along with the fellowship of the Church.
  • To teach the Word of God effectively in order to lead people into salvation and the experience of entire sanctification.
  • To teach the doctrines of the Christian faith revealed in the Bible and interpreted by the Articles of Faith of the Church of the Nazarene; to develop the simplicity and spiritual power of Christlike character, attitudes, and habits; and to establish Christian homes.
  • To prepare believers for membership in the Church of the Nazarene.
  • To motivate and equip believers for involvement in appropriate Christian ministry.

Sunday School

In the very heart of the congregational life of the church is the Sunday school, that plays a significant and vital role. The Sunday School fulfills the mission of All Saints Church by producing a generation,who are Christ-like disciples among all the nations. We nourish our children with the spiritual fruit that Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has given to us as elders. These Children who attended the Sunday school are children of the members of the church who attend Sunday morning services every morning and evening.

Church Youth

The present generation of young people, who are interesting and futuristic form the youth fellowship of our church. At CSI All Saints’ Church the Youth fellowship plays an important role in the life and development of our church, as we give our youth the utmost encouragement because in this glorified time, we are called, by our Lord, to work for his important ministry. Our church extends His love to all our youth of Csi All Saints’ Church to follow the very journey of His faith because this will help read all the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

As we adapt to the changing world, we have to understand and be clear about what our Lord Jesus is wanting us to do. So time and again, we are being lead by our faith and through the Holy Spirit, to help our church youth, so that they can answer one most important among all the questions in their lives, that is if they are ready to accept Jesus in their hearts. In this highly evolving digital world, our church is successfully equipping our young people with the Good News in their lives, from the beginning to the end through Jesus our Lord. Though challenged by the day to day life, we are utilizing the gifts and talents given by Jesus Christ, so that we may bring a lot of people to understand the doctrines of His Father in this life and next.

One can become a member of the church by paying yearly subscriptions under the guidelines of the church’s constitution, terms and conditions. From these members of the church elect a committee from among themselves for every 4  years. This committee consists of total of 13 members, from the 13 members who are elected a secretary and a treasurer are chosen.

Women’s Fellowships

Being a real strength and pillar to our church is the women’s fellowship. The members of this fellowship are service-oriented and dedicated to various church activities. Their wholehearted participation in CSI All Saints’ Church  prayers, visit to homes of members on or to solace them in their time of distress is an extraordinary example to emulate by one and all.

The All Saints’ Church Women fellowship is gathered at our church on prior notice. About 50 to 60 women hold prayers together, sing together and share their testimonies together as they study the Word of God.

On every Friday noon between 12 and 2 and on the first Saturday of a month the members assemble for fasting prayers and say their prayers for the welfare of our Church, church members, missionary work and the world at large. On every Wednesday at 5 pm, the members visit the home of church members and people of other faiths who specifically invite them and say their prayers there.

Other Activities

  • Retreat for the members.
  • Visiting the mission field.
  • Lending a hand to the financial well-being of the church in addition to the spiritual work.
  • Helping the downtrodden and the destitute when the occasion arises.
  • In sum, the women fellowship of our Church is a glittering jewel in the crown of our church.

The Church Choir

From the very establishment of our church, the Church Choir was formed, as it is felt that All Saints’ Church Choir was more than necessary to add dignity and splendor to not only other important celebrations, but also to every Sunday service. It is a proud fact for our church to have choir that consists of more than 15 young and old men and women join the choir. We also encourage others who are interested and can sing in the choir to participate with full dedication to the service.

At present the church choir is lead by Mr. Vinuthna Prakash who has devoted this great talent of his, in Christian music.